Breakout Session Speaker


Matthew Petrusek is the senior director and professor of Catholic Ethics at the Word on Fire Institute. He received an MA (Yale University) and PhD (University of Chicago) in religious ethics and was previously associate professor of theological ethics at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. He specializes in Christian ethics, though he lectures broadly (in English and Spanish) on philosophy, theology, and the Catholic intellectual tradition.

In addition to serving as a WOFI professor, Petrusek is author of Evangelization and Ideology: How to Understand and Respond to the Political Culture, co-author of Jordan Peterson, God, and Christianity: The Search for a Meaningful Life, and co-editor of Ethics and Advocacy: Bridges and Boundaries and Value and Vulnerability: An Interfaith Dialogue on Human Dignity. He has also hosted the lecture series The Idolatry of Identity and the bilingual show Reasons to Believe/Razones Para Creer. He lives with his wife and children in Rochester, MN.