Impact Session Musician


Sarah Kroger is a gifted young singer-songwriter who has long been involved in music ministry and Catholic service. She started composing music at Rollins College, where she graduated with a degree in vocal performance. Nurtured by veteran composers Josh Blakesley and Tom Booth, she began sharing her gift of song publicly at Life Teen camps and conferences.

In 2011 she released her first EP, “Your Time.” Inspired by Scripture, the writings of the saints, and her own life experiences, “Your Time” illuminates a God who is an active part of our lives. In 2012 she released Hallelujah Is Our Song, an inspiring collection of music for liturgy, personal prayer, and beyond. With sincere and organic vocals, Sarah’s music conveys a vital message of hope and serves as a reminder of God’'s unending love for us.

In the short time she’s been composing and performing, Sarah has participated in a number of national and international events, including the JubilMusic International Christian Music Festival in San Remo, Italy; the Atlanta Eucharistic Conference; Steubenville Conferences, and World Youth Day 2014 in Brazil. She also leads youth, confirmation, and women’s retreats and workshops on prayer and leading worship on the parish level. Her goal as a worship and event leader is to create a space that opens the door for people to encounter God in an authentic, personal way.

Sarah currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.