Promotional Resources

Get the Word Out

July 17–21, 2024 will be historic. But not every Catholic knows what is happening or why! We’ve put together everything you need to tell your community about the National Eucharistic Congress and invite people to join your group.


General Promo Video
This compelling video features footage from previous Eucharistic Congresses in the United States, shares why we are reviving this legacy, and covers key details of the event.
A Call to Every Parish
In this video, Bishop Cozzens issues a call to every parish in the United States to send representatives to the 10th National Eucharistic Congress.

Social Media Posts

One easy way to get a wide reach with your message is on social media. Here are some assets you can share to your network along with pre-written captions you can use as templates.

Social Media Captions
Pre-Written Captions
Every movement needs a moment.
Video Post – Every Movement Needs a Moment
Cada movimiento necesita un momento.
Video Post – Every Movement Needs a Moment (Spanish)

Promo PosterS

Click below to download the digital version of this promotional poster or to order a pre-printed physical version. All promotional materials are provided to you at cost.

Will you be there? Poster
Digital Poster (English)
Will you be there? Poster (Spanish)
Digital Poster (Spanish)

Brand Assets

Prefer to make your own promotional materials? Download logos and visual assets to keep your communications on-brand.


Bulletin Announcements

Click below to download a pre-written bulletin announcement. This is a great way to share your excitement for the Congress, why it is such a historic moment, and invite parishioners to join your group.


Helpful Documents

Letter TO Your Pastor
Does your pastor know about the Congress? This letter will tell him why you’re excited about the Congress and why your parish should participate. Feel free to add to it for a personal touch!
Letter FROM Your Pastor
Here is a letter you—as the pastor—can send to your staff and parishioners via email or the bulletin. It’s an easy way to announce your parish’s plans to participate at the upcoming Congress and to invite everyone to be a part of it!
Step-by-Step Guide for Group Leaders
This document will walk you through every detail of registering a group, from reserving passes to housing to transportation

Remember: Space Is Limited!

You don’t have to wait to reserve your passes until every member of your group is ready to register. Set aside the number of passes you think you’ll need today, and the individual members of your group can fill in their individual information later with your group code.