Solidarity Fund

Apply for a Scholarship

The Solidarity Fund is an initiative led by the Bishops of the United States to help those in need of financial assistance for registration for the 10th National Eucharistic Congress. Our goal is to make thousands of passes available to individuals, families, or groups that need financial support to attend this historic gathering.

The National Eucharistic Congress has partnered with Catholic Extension Society to assist with the strategic distribution of its “Solidarity Fund” to meet this goal.

Demand for these scholarships has been high, and applications are paused while we award funds. Please check back later for more information if we are able to open applications again.

General Guidelines

On the application form, you will be asked to specify your diocese, whether you are applying on behalf of an individual or a group. In addition, you will share which days you plan to attend, what your housing plans are for the Congress, and why you are applying for funding. If you are a religious brother or sister, seminarian, or diocesan-organized group in a diocese supported by Catholic Extension, you will be prompted to apply for funding through Catholic Extension.

The following guidelines will be used to provide support from this fund. Applicants must, at minimum meet both primary criteria; additional consideration will be given to applicants who also meet the secondary criteria.

Primary Criteria

  1. Applicant can demonstrate or attest to financial need.
  2. Applicant is prepared to secure their own lodging for the event.

Secondary Criteria

  1. Applicant comes from an under-represented area of the country or is part of an under-represented group.
  2. Applicant is seeking support to bring a larger group to attend the Congress.

Are You Able to Help?

Please consider contributing to the Solidarity Fund to help those in need experience the National Eucharistic Congress.